Azure Cloud

Why selecting the right partner means success

Why choose us as your local Microsoft Azure Partner?


Xello are laser focused on understanding our customers’ business drivers first, and only afterwards speaking technology. We map each stage of your Azure journey with your unique business requirements, so we leverage the right capabilities and deliver you the best results. To make it easier, we offer bespoke Azure Cloud solutions, specifically designed for repeat reliable outcomes. Here’s 3 reasons why you should choose us as your trusted Melbourne Azure partner.

Our Azure Solutions


Azure Blueprint

Align long-term cloud goals with your business strategy to understand exactly how Azure will drive your organisation forward.


Azure Migration

Optimise your path to Azure with cost-effective tools that automate database and application migration and minimise system downtime.


Azure DR

Provision servers and maintain business continuity with Azure’s advanced backup and disaster recovery for ready access to data.

Infographic template for business with 5 steps. Road journey concept, Roadmap process diagram. Vector infographic.

Azure Support

Ensure your Azure environments are reliable and up-to-date with responsive support that delivers new improvements continuously.