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How we keep you ahead of the game

Xello’s services are based on a strategic partnership with our customers. By becoming a part of your team, we understand your business goals and provide high-quality cloud, smart data, managed services and IoT solutions customised to your needs – so you can accelerate your next innovation, make confident operational decisions and focus on what you do best – your business.


Enable operational agility,
business mobility, and digital

Smart Data

Leverage centralised data
management solutions for
smarter decisions.

IoT Ready

Collect and share better
real-time insights from all
your devices and sensors.

Melbourne’s driving force in cloud and smart data

Based in Melbourne, Xello’s team of experts are dedicated to modernising and transforming your digital environment. We partner with you to deliver tailored services and solutions that best fit your business, providing the latest in cloud, smart data, Internet of Things and managed services.

Keep your cloud optimised

Enhance your cloud transformation initiative with our solutions-focused framework. We enable mobility in your digital workplace, modernise your business applications, and transform your data centre infrastructure.

Smarter data for better decisions

Take a strategic view in collecting, sorting and managing your most critical data. We centralise your data, improve organisational visualisation through dashboard and reporting, and empower you to make smarter decisions by leveraging investments in powerful tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI.

Leverage real-time insights

We add additional sources to your most critical real-time data by securely connecting your smart devices and sensors into one central cloud platform. Gain increased visibility into your operational status and respond faster to current conditions through innovative IoT solutions.

Make complex problems simple

Our managed services are built around thought leadership and partnership to steer you in the right direction and keep you focused on the big picture. We provide responsive services across cloud, data and IoT solutions.

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Be tomorrow ready; modernise your business, make better decisions and reduce risks