What is it?

Managing costs, reducing resource wastage and controlling spend is a considerable ongoing challenge for many businesses migrating to the cloud today. Without an optimisation plan in place, we’ve seen customers face uncontrolled cloud consumption and resource usage, leading to major budget roadblocks and cost inefficiencies.

With Azure Optimisation, our customers eliminate spend surprises and consolidate all billing, monitoring and optimisation of their new cloud environment for greater visibility and control. If you’re an existing Azure customer and are not confident in your current bill spend, your environment is not optimised or secured, then you need this service.


Azure optimisation experts

Leveraging on-demand resources without overspending requires enterprise expertise. We help customers with proactive spend management, monthly optimisation reviews and cost analysis.

Deeper monitoring

Optimisation is only possible with the right supervision. We provide cost monitoring and management for all workloads with powerful dashboards, analytics and alerts for continuous overview of ongoing expenses.

Cost-effective cloud

High costs are likely without processes to manage spend. We help right-size databases, eliminate licensing and optimise consumption with auto-provisioning, scaling and policy-based shutdowns.
Azure Hosting & Billing

Azure Hosting & Billing (CSP)

  • Azure Subscription Purchasing
  • Azure Subscription Billing
  • Azure Tenant & Subscription Provisioning
  • Managed Microsoft Escalation

Proactive Spend Management

  • Azure consolidated billing
  • Monitor & optimise spend
  • Eliminate bill shock
  • Budget and cost control

Proactive Spend Management
Resource Rightsizing

Resource Rightsizing

  • Data-driven recommendations
  • Rightsizing to eliminate wastage
  • Rightsizing to reduce costs
  • Rightsizing to enhance performance

Automated Optimisation

  • Governance automation
  • Provisioning automation
  • Auto-scaling automation
  • Rightsizing & policy-based shutdowns

Automated Optimisation
Usage & Forecasting

Usage & Forecasting

  • Monitor resource utilisation levels
  • Manage allocation or quotas
  • Manage forecast & predictions
  • Control Azure usage

Self-Service Governance

  • Self-service fulfilment
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Alerting on budget breaches
  • Self-Services access rights and compliance

Self-Service Governance
Expert Centre Optimisation

Expert Centre

  • Level 3 & 4 Technical Support
  • Included Set Monthly Support Hours
  • Option for Additional Hours
  • Service Metrics Reporting

Monthly Optimisation Advisory

  • Monthly Spend Analysis
  • Monthly Optimisation Review
  • Periodic Architecture Review
  • Monthly / Quarterly Meetings

Monthly Optimisation Advisory

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