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Predictive Analytics

What is it?

Predictive analytics isn’t just about predicting the future. By leveraging the latest and most powerful cloud-based tools, you can elevate existing data (past and current) to more reliably forecast patterns and trends in the seconds, days and years ahead.

Combined with the right business intelligence (BI) services and cloud data platform expertise, we proactively help your business uncover hidden opportunities and challenges from historical data so you can drive your next data-driven initiatives with confidence.

Insights For Today

through an advanced suite of predictive analytics services which help you predict reliable outcomes and discover meaningful patterns and trends faster.

Leverage ML & AI

Test and deploy sophisticated algorithms to identify patterns and discover greater insights from your data faster than any human with advanced AI and machine learning to optimise and transform your business.

Predict Tomorrow

Gain deeper insights through systemic learning of historical data using statistical analytics, mining and predictive modelling. Go beyond what’s possible to anticipating what’s likely to happen next.

What does it cover?

Data Assessment

Define the key analytics and metrics you need to track to improve your business performance to provide leading insights to predict the future.

Data Collection

Collect, obtain, store and import multiple key data sources for ingestion in your Azure Cloud environment, ready for deep analysis.

Data & Statistical Analysis

Inspect, cleanse, transform your data with the objective of discovering useful information and determining conclusion-based results.

Predictive Modeling

Let’s predict tomorrow. Leverage the latest in Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop those predictive models.

Model Deployment

Invoke that continuous optimisation framework. Deploy those models, score, report and improve the models for better results.

Model Monitoring

Leverage Azure to monitor the predictive model’s performance ensuring it meets the result expected, for tomorrow’s decisions.

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