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Predictive Analytics Whitepaper

Harnessing the power of self-service predictive analytics

In 2019, predictive analytics is no longer just about predicting the future – it’s about delivering reliable business outcomes.

Making better business decisions requires an efficient assessment of complex matters such compliance risks, technological upgrades, operational costs – and having the advanced capabilities to make accurate predictions based on reliable data to act ahead of time is a vital part of this process.

By 2020, predictive analytics will attract 40% of enterprises’ new investment in business intelligence and analytics solutions. Are you ready to embrace the new technology?

Download our free predictive analytics whitepaper and learn:

  • How predictive analytics is no longer the sole domain of data scientists, and why self-service predictive tool-sets are worth investing in to provide real value now
  • The top 4 major business benefits of predictive analytics used in the workplace today
  • The essential data considerations that need to be addressed before businesses can successfully use predictive analytics

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