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Linking data to a BI platform for an aggregate view on operational performance

The Challenge

The senior leadership of this franchise customer needed to report on an overall view of the business performance of each franchisee and store, consolidating all individual results for an overarching operational performance view. They additionally sought to form a baseline of performance and provide advanced alerting when a franchisee fell outside of the expected performance thresholds.

Whilst the data could be compiled and reported on, the challenge our customer had was each time the existing process took 5 hours across multiple resources, and the results were inconsistent due to the largely manual process and staff involved.

Client type:

Franchise Business




Business Intelligence & Modern Data Warehouse

The Impact

The manual data manipulation meant executives were not 100% clear on where some of their resource wastage was based on their operations function. They had no easy way to link in their Point of Sales (POS), staffing and supplier’s data, and could only assess the data on an individual franchisee level – which was also done manually. Their aggregate view was additionally inconsistent due to the manual manipulation, manual decision-making and size of the aggregation requirement. The customer ultimately faced constant time delays in getting ample access to the reporting function.

The Outcome

Xello met with the executives to map out their unique success criteria based on their business and dashboarding requirements. Xello leveraged the Azure Cloud platform and automated the integration of their POS, Workforce Management, Procurement, Financial and Ticketing systems to ingest data into Azure. This was performed by using native APIs and custom developed connectors. The data was ingested into a modern data warehouse and presented out to the BI toolset for live dashboarding and visualisation. The aggregation of data was daily, meaning executives now had an instant view on their operational performance, from the business level, to the individual store level.