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Leveraging Azure Identity to streamline the offboarding process

The Challenge

This FSI customer has adopted multiple cloud platforms over the last few years. Whilst the option of cloud platforms were paying dividends, the traditional on-boarding and off-boarding processes needed attention, in particular off-boarding as this increased risk exposure and presented a large security risk if a staff member was not off-boarded from all the systems correctly.

With multiple islands of identities existing in each cloud platform, the customer needed a way to consolidate to a single identity to provide better governance and security across the off-boarding processes.

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Azure Identity & Security

The Impact

The use of multiple cloud platforms meant users had multiple credentials to access cloud systems which led to an increase in support tickets, as users often couldn’t remember all passwords to applications. This also increased risk as users often chose the same password across different systems. In addition, the user off-boarding process was not automated, creating unnecessary risk and a reliance on a larger process to offload the many credentials.

The Outcome

Xello helped integrate Azure Active Directory to create a 1-Identity store for the customer. This provided a single and seamless sign on (SSO) experience for all cloud applications. The governance and policy management was then centralised, meaning the off-boarding process could be automated and enhanced. This not only removed the potential risk, but enhanced the overall experience for staff. Having 1-Identity store meant additional security controls such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) could be managed centrally.