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Leveraging Azure Cloud for high availability and disaster recovery (HADR)

The Challenge

Due to M&A activities with this customer, a new environment needed to be architected and built to support a new business acquisition. The customer chose Azure for this application, and a scalable SQL environment was needed as the target state to provide high availability and disaster recovery in an event a site was unavailable.

The business application in question was very critical in nature, and as SQL Server was the data store for the application, this would cause an instant outage if it was unavailable.

Client type:

Insurance & Health


FSI & Health


SQL Migrations

The Impact

The impact of the application not being available is severe. Not only is the environment not able to support the customers health and medical operations, but the impact can be life threatening if patient data could not be obtained when patients were being attended to.

The Outcome

Xello met the customer’s objectives by making their entire environment highly available. We leveraged Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and scale sets for automation of the environment, and configured a highly available, always-on SQL environment with replication between the Melbourne and Sydney Azure sites. This provided high availability of the data store, and reduced the RPO / RTO of the application in a critical event.