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Implementing AWS test environment to automate user onboarding and integrate identity

The Challenge

This customer came to Xello needing to automate a highly-manual human resources system to streamline the staff onboarding and user provisioning process. The goal was to ensure the time it takes to get staff set up with their IT user accounts is more efficient across the organisation.

While the HR platform was cloud-based, the main problem was a lack of integration with the customer’s existing identity management system, which was necessary to implement automation. The company also did not have a test environment to accurately simulate the onboarding processes and validate the automation and logic behind the system before they went live.

Client type:

Enterprise Real Estate




Microsoft on AWS

The Impact

This customer’s IT team heavily used Amazon Web Services (AWS) and decided they needed outside expertise to create a test environment in AWS that was isolated, well-secured and represented the production environment accurately. It also needed to implement automation end-to-end to reduce the HR inconsistencies that were occurring due to manual data entry.

Provisioning a new user was taking 5 working days, which meant forms had to be filled 5 days before a user started if they wanted instant access to IT platforms. These inefficiencies and potential errors caused by manual input would only grow without automation and integration with the organisation’s Active Directory, which would ensure user creation and revisioning is accurate.

The Outcome

The customer recognised if they did not move forward with implementing an AWS test environment, automating user onboarding and provisioning for their HR system would not be delivered. This would be a significant feature gap from the IT team’s overall project goals, so they engaged Xello to help.

Xello worked with the customer to deliver a secure AWS cloud test environment and integrated it with their existing HR and identity systems. This environment accurately represented the customer’s production environment and empowered their IT team to successfully test and implement the automated user onboarding capabilities they wanted for their HR system, improving accuracy, efficiency and security of their platforms.