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Help us predict our future sales

The Challenge

The senior leadership of this franchise customer needed assistance to predict anticipated sales forecasting based on datasets that are currently not available in their environment. Sales performance has a direct impact on staffing and stock levels – by having a way to better optimise trends in sales, the business can better anticipate their expenses.

Client type:

Franchise Business




Predictive Analytics

The Impact

The current forecast was based on historical sales data only, and this meant there were seasonal times where staff were understaffed or overstaffed, depending on the data itself. The customer needed a way to predict such trends, by not only relying on their data, but having a mechanism to correlate their data with other influences that could affect sales.

The Outcome

Xello met with executives to map out their unique success criteria based on sales information they would like to obtain. We leveraged Microsoft Flow to obtain weather data from the MSN Weather Data Providers site and stored this data into a SQL data warehouse. We then used this as a data source aligned with the customer’s historical sales data, and built a process to match up the historical sales data with weather data to add elements to then predict anticipated future sales. This helped the customer achieve better operational efficiency through more accurate seasonal staff and stock levels in their business operations.