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Driving digital transformation through partnerships and customer-focused outcomes

The Challenge

This FSI customer came to Xello in July 2018 needing to insource IT functions, modernise their infrastructure and optimise their overall environment to lower costs. Due to a lack of internal expertise, they required the help of a consulting partner specialising in the cloud to guide their digital transformation initiatives end-to-end and deliver a platform that scales with their needs.

Client type:





Azure Transformation

The Impact

The main business problem this customer faced was an infrastructure environment that was overly complex and didn’t have the scalable capabilities the cloud provided to support the many business outcomes they wanted. Without an internal IT team, they also relied on a costly outsourced Managed Services Provider (MSP) to handle a rising number of IT support requests.

The Outcome

Xello helped this FSI customer modernise their infrastructure by implementing a fully cloud-enabled, end-user computing platform that reduces operational complexity, delivers significant cost savings and supports the company’s future digital transformation initiatives.

We provided a defined master plan and design architecture which outlines the gradual transformation of their infrastructure using Azure Cloud in structured phases. This provided them the core foundation and understanding to take control of their environment.

Our team then aligned their business needs with Azure’s services and implemented several cloud solutions that now provide the customer enhanced security, reduced network infrastructure complexity, major cost-savings and Citrix VDI on Azure.