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Business Intelligence Whitepaper

4 Best Practices for Successful Business Intelligence

In 2019 and beyond, business intelligence (BI) is one of the most important enablers of extracting greater value from our data analytics – so much that investment in cloud-based BI and data technologies is projected to grow to AUD $31.8 billion by 2020. Data analytics has long become mainstream, and it’s time to use it.

However, while BI is vital for growth, competitive advantage and data-driven insights, successfully deriving value from our analytics requires more than just adopting new tech. Over 87% of organisations around the world still have low BI and analytics maturity, and are missing out on delivering the key insights they need.

Download our free business intelligence whitepaper and learn why approaching BI with a strategy is key to:

  • Aligning business goals with the capabilities of self-service data analytics for greater, actionable insights.
  • Consolidating key information into an organised environment the right way – and making our data accessible and reliable for analytics.
  • Fostering an in-house data culture that instils confidence in the many benefits of BI-enabled dashboarding and reporting.

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