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Multicloud Transformation

Xello helps enterprises adopt the right cloud service based on their goals, leveraging multicloud architecture to uplift their digital transformation.

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The multicloud era has arrived.

While each public cloud platform offers leading services that can advance your transformation journey, there is no longer a ‘one cloud fits all’. Adopting multicloud ensures your environment is portable, secure and cost effective. Most importantly, your business can ensure you leverage the best service at any time, making vendor lock-in a thing of the past.

Service Offerings


Multicloud Strategy

Multicloud adoption requires precise planning. Develop a strategy backed by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud experts to leverage cross-platform cloud, data analytics and AI services, deliver outcomes and avoid lock-in.


Multicloud Readiness

Are you ready for multicloud? Assess and review your current state environment and evaluate organisational readiness to adopt a robust multicloud platform and tooling, aligning with key business drivers to find the best value.


Multicloud Architectures

Multicloud architectures require addressing 10 fundamental pillars alongside your business requirements to ensure success. Define these building blocks for cross-cloud environments that scale and grow with your business.


Cloud to Cloud Migrations

Migrate workloads to the cloud and then between clouds. Identify the best services and tooling to create portability and accelerate your multicloud transformation with high confidence. Make cloud vendor lock-in a thing of the past.

Business Outcomes

Avoid cloud lock-in and leverage the best of every public cloud.

Adopt best multi-cloud options to elevate your transformation opportunities and initiatives.

Accelerate time-to-market with architecture built around the 10 key fundamental pillars.

No cloud lock-in: Be portable and grow your business with confidence across platforms.

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