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Modern Data Warehouse

What is it?

A Modern Data Warehouse (MDW) is the central point for all your data – structured, unstructured or streaming. MDWs provide organisations a future-proof hub to consolidate, cleanse and aggregate their data from disparate cloud and on-premises sources for enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting. Without this as your foundation, it is more costly and difficult to gain the level of data-driven insights you need.

Xello bring together your most important historical data using the best data warehousing tools the cloud has to offer. As Microsoft Gold Partners in Data Platform, we have the experience in implementing Modern Data Warehouses based on your business goals, and delivering the better performance, improved analytics and more actionable data-driven insights you deserve.

Bring Data Together

Aggregate all data in one platform to access, cleanse, transform and share historical information at any scale – with decision-makers and IT – when you need to.

Deliver Reliable Insights

Provide accurate, reliable data to your business intelligence tools for customised dashboards and interactive reports to find deeper opportunities.

Factor in Integration

Leverage the power of cloud to provide seamless integration with key datasets, including data connectors to cloud-based and on-premises storage.

What does it cover?

Current Data Estate Assessment

Through workshops, meetings, technical assessment tools and interviews, identify where your current data sources are and how to get them into a MDW in Azure.

Data Consolidation

We organise all key data – structured and unstructured – using enterprise integration solutions such as Azure Data Factory and Azure Blob Storage.

Data Cleansing

We cleanse and transform your data using Azure Data Services, to properly prepare it for further consolidation and analysis in your MDW platform.

Analysis and Reporting

Our technical workshops help you understand the role MDWs play in building better analytical dashboards and operational reports.

Business Analytics

Apply best practices and automation to send your data to BI tools – Looker, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau – to enable scalable and more accessible analytics.

Compliance and Security

Implement advanced auditing, data encryption, threat detection, and integration with in-built identity management systems such as Azure Active Directory.

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