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Cloud Platform & Migration

Xello helps enterprises adopt the right cloud strategy, architecture and governance and ensure business goals align with their transformation.

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A large number of Australian businesses focus their cloud transformation on the technology and often lose sight of the business outcomes they want to achieve. This results in avoidable inefficiencies, higher costs and lack of governance. We help architect the right cloud platform based on your unique goals, and ensure optimisation, security and governance is at the forefront. Avoid unnecessary re-work and unwanted resource consumption with an underpinning cloud strategy that helps you make the right move, the first time.

Service Offerings


Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Build a cloud business case that meets your transformation needs. Choose the right platform and tooling, re-host workloads, drive cloud native app development, and leverage data & AI services.


Cloud Architectures

Is your cloud architecture target state aligned with your outcomes? Design the foundation for your security, governance and optimisation that scales with your long-term business growth.


Cloud Migrations

Migrate business-critical workloads to the cloud with an agile migration approach. We help you move into the digital seamlessly, with enhanced visibility into spend, security and governance.


Cloud Reviews & Optimisation

A cloud migration isn’t enough to reduce cost and risk. Lift-and-transform your infrastructure with a cost management framework and optimisation review to protect against unwanted disruptions.

Business Outcomes

Drive your cloud outcomes with a now, next and horizon roadmap.

Accelerate transformation with a strategy outlining how, when and why to adopt the cloud and drive value.

Modernise your business and elevate competitive opportunity long-term with a robust cloud architecture.

Never be concerned again on cloud spend or risk, with governance optimised out of the gate.

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Client Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it; learn how we helped customers achieve their desired transformation outcomes.

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