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Cloud Platform & Migration

Xello helps enterprises adopt their primary cloud of choice, ensuring they maximise transformation potential that focuses on speed & outcomes.

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A large number of Australian enterprises focus on a primary cloud first, then take the best of breed services from other cloud providers where it makes sense. Many experience bill shock without knowing why, slowing down their digital initiatives with unnecessary costs. It is critical the primary cloud has no inefficiencies, is cost effective and has strong governance to drive confidence. The cloud should accelerate growth and potential, not hinder it. Xello helps enterprises achieve faster time to value by leveraging our expertise and experience, to meet those objectives.

Business Outcomes

Drive your transformation potential that focuses on speed & outcomes.

Accelerate your transformation potential with a business partner that is focused on business outcomes.

Through our deep expertise & experience, we ensure your primary cloud fuels accelerated growth.

Never be concerned again on cloud spend or risk, with governance optimised out of the gate.

Service Offerings


Hybrid Networking

Connectivity into the public cloud leveraging ExpressRoute or DirectConnect is widely seen as a simple integration. However, we have seen many struggle with this most underrated task. We help you do hybrid networking the right way.


DevOps & Automation

We say automate it from the outset. Leveraging consistent deployment, the right tooling and repeatability to drive outcomes. We show you how, in a consistent and repeatable manner, with security at the forefront.


Workload Migrations

Workload migrations doesn’t stop at lift and shift. We analyse to transform business-critical workloads to PAAS, or convert to containers to allow for ease of portability. Doing this in a secured manner is critical to success.


Modern Integration

Leveraging Cloud platforms for Modern Integration can provide massive scalability and ROI. We help you adopt services like Azure LogicApps or AWS Lambda, enabling you to integrate key services in your environment.

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Bill shock?

Is your cloud deployment costing too much? Our Cloud Governance Assessment can help remediate your high spend.

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