How to demonstrate ROI in an Azure Business Case Part1

Date: Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 @ 11am.

Moving to Microsoft Azure provides many proven benefits for organisations, including major cost-savings, infrastructure modernisation and competitive advantage.

However, many companies fail to understand the full return on investment (ROI) of the Azure Cloud platform.

In this webinar, Xello will take you through how to ensure the business case stacks up when migrating to Azure Cloud – and the four essential items to consider as part of the business case to migrate all services to Azure.

Migrating Services to Azure whilst maintaining control Part 2

Date: Wednesday 29th May, 2019 @ 11am.

Migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure should be a risk-free process – but what needs to be done to ensure your business is in full control?

Cloud-based services are now mature in the marketplace, which means organisations have the tools necessary to adopt the cloud in a streamlined, secured and cost optimised approach.

Xello invites you to a webinar where we will discuss how to migrate business services to an Azure Cloud environment, and the exact framework required to ensure safe passage is realised.

  • Identify best tools in Azure to move applications, data and infrastructure based on goals
  • Streamline cloud migration, governance and compliance with an optimal framework
  • Establish core architectural foundation to build and deploy resilient Azure environments

Lowering Azure spend with strong governance Part 3

Date: Wednesday 5th June, 2019 @ 11am.

Have you migrated services to Microsoft Azure and feel like you’re paying too much?

Join our webinar to learn the 7 essential steps for strong Azure Cloud governance, which allows organisations to properly assess their maturity and implement a robust operational framework.

By attending our webinar, participants can leverage an in-depth governance checklist to help assess current operational maturity and understand the best practices required for success.

  • Understand exactly what encompasses cloud governance with Microsoft Azure
  • Learn best practices and establish foundation to manage and oversee all cloud activities
  • Use Azure Cloud’s governance and monitoring tools to lower risk and reduce spend