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Azure SQL Migrations

What is it?

Moving legacy databases to the cloud can be daunting proposition for any business. Without the right expertise, framework and planning in place, attempting to modernise your data-estate from on-premises to the cloud can become an unnecessarily costly and risky task.

Azure SQL Migrations is a built-to-fit solution designed to help you move on-premises SQL Server environments to Microsoft Azure seamlessly, and help you understand what applications or infrastructure dependencies are needed to migrate and in what order based on your needs.

Led by our cloud architects and data platform experts, we work closely with you to identify the right options in Azure ‘best fit’ to your objectives, and take you through how to deal with cloud architecture and how much SQL migrations cost for an optimised and hassle-free transition.

Migrate Seamlessly

We combine a custom-built migration plan, powerful automation and a proven methodology for a seamless SQL migration, minimal downtime and maximum ROI.

Consolidate Licenses

We map out a blueprint to consolidate your expensive SQL licenses and map this to a Azure SQL architecture and platform for greater cost savings.

Cost-Optimised Lifecycle

We leverage Azure’s powerful in-built cost management and monitoring tools to make it easy to know exactly how much you save when migrating.

What does it cover?

SQL Migration Plan

Assess current SQL portfolio, database migration feasibility, readiness and risk to develop an outcome-driven SQL migration plan.

Network, Connectivity & Coexistence

Build secure, reliable network topologies with seamless connectivity between cloud, datacentres and remote-sites, with minimal latency.

SQL Architecture & Platform Deployment

Establish core architectural foundation based on best practices to build and deploy highly resilient Azure SQL environments.

Application & Data Migration

Migrate complex SQL databases from on-premises to Azure Cloud whilst ensuring no impact to business critical applications.

Cloud Management & Monitoring

Implement real-time monitoring of all your SQL databases in Azure, and backup and data protection with a robust framework.

Security & Compliance

Implement enterprise-grade security framework while ensuring high performance, compliance and cost control.

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