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Azure Migration

What is it?

Moving your business – applications, data and infrastructure – to the Azure Cloud, whether cloud-only or hybrid, is a lifecycle.

The businesses who experience success with the cloud don’t do so haphazardly. They migrate with confidence and at their own pace, using a documented roadmap, cost-effective framework and an experienced Microsoft Partner to know exactly which tools they need to move applications, data and infrastructure, understand Azure’s many benefits align with their business goals, and recognise why success with Azure isn’t just driven by the adoption of modern technology.

If you need help to assess, optimise and manage your Azure Migration and ensure you get the most out of your journey, we have the end-to-end solution for you.

Grow Your Business

Experience an efficient and streamlined migration journey to Azure Cloud backed by a custom-built plan, powerful automation and a proven methodology that ensures minimal downtime and maximum ROI.

Keep Cloud Compliant

We streamline your resource migration process and govern your data and applications once in Azure Cloud for optimal performance, ensuring compliance to the latest industry standards.

Cost-Effective Migration

Optimise your migration with cost management and monitoring tools and a 3-year Total Cost Analysis (TCO) that shows exactly how much you save when transitioning infrastructure and services to Azure.

What does it cover?

Migration Plan

Assess current state portfolio, cloud migration feasibility, readiness and risk to develop an outcome-driven migration catalogue and plan.

Network, Connectivity & Coexistence

Build secure, reliable network topologies with seamless connectivity between cloud, datacentres and remote-sites.

Architecture & Platform Deployment

Establish the core architectural foundation you need to build and deploy highly resilient Microsoft Azure environments.

Application & Data Migration

Migrate complex and business critical-applications, workloads and data from on-premises to the cloud seamlessly with minimal risk.

Cloud Management & Monitoring

Implement real-time monitoring of key systems, backup and data protection with a robust framework backed by years of best practices.

Security & Compliance

Implement enterprise-grade security framework while ensuring high performance, compliance and cost control.

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