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Azure Infrastructure

What is it?

We understand configuring, maintaining and managing cloud infrastructure can be a complex task for many businesses. That’s why our customers can rely on our Azure Infrastructure support for end-to-end managed services for all data-related infrastructure hosted in Microsoft Cloud. We provide continuous 24/7 monitoring, dedicated support and proactive change, configuration and incident management for all your environments.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner across Cloud Platform and Datacenter, take advantage of our first-class support and technical expertise in managing Azure environments so your business can spend more time driving innovation and growth, and less time on day-to-day configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Consultants, not engineers

We’re your local Azure Cloud experts that really know data. That includes architecting scalable infrastructure, DevOps management of CI/CD pipelines, continuous network and telemetry monitoring, DR & security.

Stay Ahead

New Azure features and updates are fast-moving and can be tricky to keep up-to-date with. Our proactive release automation and support is always in place so you’re always ready to use the latest capabilities.

Predictable ROI

Our 24/7 Azure infrastructure support services enable you to focus on your business and turn massive capital expenses into manageable operating costs for a more predictive Return on Investment (ROI).

What’s included?

  • Azure Subscription Purchasing
  • Azure Subscription Billing
  • Azure Tenant & Subscription Provisioning
  • Consumption Reporting and Consolidated Billing
  • Managed Microsoft Escalation & Advanced Support
  • Azure IaaS Resource Configuration Management
  • Azure IaaS Patch Management
  • Azure IaaS Backup Schedule & Policy Management
  • Azure Runbook Development & Scheduling
  • Azure DB Health Check & Performance Tuning
  • Azure AD Health Check & Diagnostics
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Management
  • System Threat Management
  • Web Application Firewall Management
  • Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Network Security Group Management
  • RBAC Security and Access Management
  • Azure IaaS Anti-Virus Updates
  • Azure IaaS/PaaS Application Certificate Management
  • Encryption Management using Key Vault
  • Backup Policy Management
  • DR Workload Management
  • Backup & DR Monitoring
  • Backup & DR Restoration / Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Coordination
  • Infrastructure Scalability Management
  • DR Testing & Validation
  • Azure IaaS Monitoring
  • Azure Billing & Consumption Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus Event/Threat Monitoring
  • Backup / DR Status Monitoring
  • Alerting & Integrated Incident Management
  • Integrated with Major Service Monitoring Solutions
  • Templated Monitoring & Alerting by Resource Type
  • Azure Virtual Network Management
  • Azure Connectivity & VPN Management
  • Azure Express Route Management
  • Azure Web Traffic Management
  • Third Party Security Virtual Appliance Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Level 3 & 4 Technical Support
  • DevOps Management
  • SLA Driven Incident Management
  • Microsoft Support Escalation
  • Vendor Support Coordination
  • Service Scheduling & Management
  • Service Metrics Reporting
  • Azure Spend Analysis
  • Azure Optimisation Services
  • Periodic Architecture Review
  • Dedicated Principal Consultant
  • Monthly / Quarterly Reviews
  • Iterative Infrastructure Modernisation Guidance

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