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Azure Identity Security

What is it?

When it comes to the cloud and allowing for future integration initiatives, Identity and Security is the crux of how you safeguard your environment.

Migrating your business to the cloud is never complete without the right security measures in place to safeguard and protect your new highly scalable environment. Without acting, your business faces unnecessary risk. Being able to efficiently manage the identities of all your staff and govern the access rights to resources is critical to ensure they have the access to what they need, when they need them.

With our holistic Azure Identity & Security solution, we offer greater control and flexibility to manage all of these elements, leveraging the capabilities of Azure Cloud.

1st Factor

Leverage the latest security controls with the right foundation role-based model. Without the proper design, you simply can’t grow.

2nd Factor

Leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access (CA) controls for a 2nd level of protection for your on-premise and cloud environment.

Factor in Integration

Leverage the power of Azure to provide seamless integration with SAML based apps, single sign-on (SSO), B2B or B2C scenarios for your business.

What does it cover?

Cloud Identity & Security Strategy

Develop an organisational strategy and establish cloud-based Identity & Security plan, framework, checklist and procedures.

Cloud Identity Integration

Azure AD provides efficient, consistent, and scalable integration with SAML based applications, SSO, B2B or B2C integrations.

Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Establish a core security model, architectural security foundation to build and deploy highly resilient Microsoft Azure environments.

Self-Service Governance

Provide self-service capabilities for effortless governance and management of azure cost, usage, access rights and compliance.

Dashboards, Analytics & Alerts

Powerful dashboards, reports and actionable insights along with automated alerts for critical events, budget or threshold breaches.

Optimisation & Automation

Apply non-disruptive optimisation and automation to enable scalable, high-fidelity, on-demand cloud infrastructure.

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