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Azure Data

What is it?

Valuable data does not sit static in a data repository. A solid data platform backed by the proper end-to-end flow of data along the pipeline – data ingestion, data analytics and business intelligence reporting – is critical for success with your new cloud-based environment, gaining reliable insights and avoiding wastage and costly errors.

Azure Data helps by freeing up your team from the maintenance, monitoring and management associated with data integration, configuration and resilience with expert Level 3/4 support and the right tools in place, so your organisation can focus on driving innovation in business intelligence, analytics and reporting – and discovering a myriad of new data-driven insights and opportunities.

Cloud and data experts

We’re the local Azure Cloud experts that really know data. That includes architecting scalable infrastructure, proactive analytics, data integration monitoring, DR & security and data estate advisory services.

Stay Ahead

When Azure Cloud releases new features, our proactive release automation ensures you’re always ready to use the latest data integration, dashboarding, analytics and monitoring capabilities.

Support as a Service

Reduce costs associated with managing your cloud environment and data platform while leveraging ongoing and flexible Level 3-4 technical support that minimises downtime and ensures value realisation.

What’s included?

  • Monitor Data Storage Services (Data Lakes, BLOBs)
  • Monitor Relational and NoSQL Databases
  • Monitor Enterprise Data Platform (ODS, DW, DMs)
  • Monitor Data Platform
  • Monitor Data Analytics
  • Monitor Data Integration Pipelines (EL/ELT/ETL)
  • Monitor API Integrations
  • Monitor Scheduled Jobs
  • Data Test & Validation
  • Corrective action on Data Ingestion Failures
  • Corrective action on Data Integration Failures
  • Periodic audit and reporting on Data Integration Performance
  • Manage Data Staging using Data Lakes and BLOBs
  • Manage Enterprise Data (ODS, DW, DMs) Platform
  • Manage Data Platform
  • Manage Stream Processing Platform
  • Manage Advanced Analytics Platform
  • Manage Data at Rest Security
  • Manage Data Access Security
  • RBAC Security & Access Management
  • Manage Immutable Data Archival
  • Manage Data Store Replications
  • Manage Geo Redundant Services
  • Manage Rule-based Platform Scaling
  • DR Testing & Validation
  • Orchestrate Failover & Failback
  • Level 3 & 4 Technical Support
  • SLA Driven Incident Management
  • Vendor Support Coordination
  • Service Scheduling & Management
  • Service Metrics Reporting
  • Azure Data Estate Optimisation Services
  • Periodic Architecture Review
  • Dedicated Principal Consultant
  • Monthly / Quarterly Reviews

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