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Azure Data Protection

What is it?

Data is the lifeblood of any business. Even after migrating and adopting Azure Cloud to host your databases and workloads, it’s essential to have comprehensive business continuity (BC), backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities built in to keep your data compliant, secure and always accessible when you need it.

To ensure your information is always protected against cyber attacks, prepared for risk of data loss and downtime and compliant with industry regulations for data privacy and retention, your business needs an end-to-end strategy and process with the right BC and DR governance, framework and systems to keep you safe. Without it, you face unnecessarily high security risks.

Your data is your business, and our Azure Data Protection solution lets you protect both the right way.

Have a DR Plan

We prepare Azure data environment with an end-to-end business continuity and DR plan that guarantees enterprise-grade availability, protection and security.

Then Test It

We test and validate your backup and DR plan, ensuring all mandatory and critical services work as expected, enabling you to tick off compliance risks.

Optimise DR Spend

We help you leverage cloud backup and DR that provides big savings, coupled with IP and a proven methodology to keep environments cost-optimised.

What does it cover?

Cloud DR & BC Strategy

Develop business continuity strategy and establish cloud-based disaster recovery plan, framework, checklist and procedures.

Cloud Workload Data Protection

Design efficient, consistent, and scalable backup, replication and recovery for data and workloads hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Deliver non-disruptive, automated failover testing with extensive reporting to reduce risk, withstand outage, and meet compliance.

Data Protection Monitoring

Monitor backups and replication to manage configuration or schedules, optimise costs and rapidly troubleshoot issues & risks.

Disaster Recovery Automation

Automated failover & failback to reduce recovery time, eliminate complexity or risks, and rapidly deploy business continuity plans.

Security & Encryption

Secure in-transit and at-rest backup and archival data with encryption, policies and other information security practices.

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