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AWS Cost Optimisation

What is it?

While eliminating server infrastructure results in large savings for businesses moving to the cloud, cloud computing still requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment to ensure your spend stays low. Keeping track of the resources you are investing in is just one of many important considerations when you become cloud native. Xello can help you analyse AWS usage, services, and pricing options to ensure you’re only paying for what you need – drastically reducing monthly spend and optimising costs to get the most out of the AWS platform.


Fully understand costs and benchmark performance for continuous improvement.


Leverage machine learning and real-time data to predict, plan and purchase capacity.


Align IT, finance and business to continuously improve the unit economics of your cloud environment.

What does it cover?

Optimisation Metrics

Extract key metrics from AWS billing reports and understand the effectiveness of your savings approach – and provide quick feedback to your optimisation.

Spending Insight

Access customised charts and spending forecasts based on resource tagging in AWS to enable chargeback and COGS analysis for your company.

Optimise Reserved Instance

Simplify your RI purchase process by crunching existing data to provide a recommendation report by instance type, available zone and operation system.

Spending Forecast

Predict your fiscal year spending with more accurate and detailed cost breakdowns, based on your business’s historical data.

Continuous Cost Optimisation

Your time is extremely precious. Our team continuously look new way to optimise your AWS Cloud investment and compliance to the next level.

Benefits of AWS Cost Optimisation Control Management

Dashboards and Reports

Access the exact data you need.

Business Mapping

Define business rules for allocation and governance.

True Cost Explorer

Visually explore your cost across cloud environments.

Budgets and Forecasts

Predict your cloud spend and stay on budget.


Match resources to actual workload needs.


Stop paying for resources you aren’t using.

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