Who we are & what we do

Hello! We are Xello, a Microsoft Azure and AWS Partner & Managed Service Provider.

At Xello, we believe cloud, data & AI is the new normal and has the potential to change everything.

Whether you’re looking to AWS or Azure for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, or all of the above, we know you want to do it right – and helping you get it right the first time.

However, digital transformation is complex. It offers huge value, but a transition from legacy to modern requires more than just a short-term workload migration or fancy new tool to succeed.

Whether you need to modernise with Azure or AWS Cloud, or to harness new data-driven opportunities, our built-for solutions provide the core architectural and strategic foundation you need to hit the ground running on day one – and achieve your unique business outcomes.

xello office


What we offer you

Leverage our proven industry experience to guide you through whatever transition – cloud migrations, data analytics, predictive AI – you face.

With the latest AWS and Microsoft Azure tools, strategic framework and hands-on guidance, our customers harness faster and more responsive software, scalable infrastructure and enhanced operational efficiency, helping them stay competitive and prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

We become a part of your team by placing partnerships and customer outcomes above all else, helping your organisation understand exactly how and why cloud and data solutions can drive your goals – rather just fulfil new technology enablement. This approach best accelerates your digital transformation, opens new opportunities for innovation, and ultimately helps you better focus on what you do best – your business.


Why we're different

We go into each day thinking about your tomorrow. There’s a better way to provide business solutions that puts the customer’s desired outcomes rather than the technology first. Our forward-thinking approach means customers are our partners, and digital transformation is always about the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’.

By understanding your business, we help turn your ideas into reality and insights into results. We’re here to get you there, and we have the expertise, experience and focus to prove it.


Deep Expertise

We have deep expertise delivering Cloud, Data & AI solutions and over 10 years of experience working with Australian enterprise businesses.



We’re laser focused on delivering specialised business outcomes for 5 key sectors –  Retail, FSI, Professional Services, Government & Health.



Our team of expert consultants are fast-moving and forward-thinking, offering agile management and strategic problem solving to deliver you results.



Every great business is built on partnership. We become a part of your team and take the time to listen to your needs to understand your objectives.